Local Middle Schoolers Become Ambassadors

11-15-05 - Three local middle school students are getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to go overseas as the 2006 U.S. Student Ambassadors.

This is something many children in the Texoma area can do too. One of the three locals, Daniel Smith is only 11 years old and by summer he will be touring Europe.

He is part of a program, People to People, started by President Eisenhower more than 50 years ago. This student ambassador program is a privilege, Smith was chosen out of 150 applicants for the trip.

After several interviews and $5,000 tuition, Daniel and 42 other students will fly to places like Ireland, The Netherlands, and Wales. There they will learn the culture and history in 20 days.

The students will receive high school credit and be placed on a list for colleges.

To find out how your child can become a part of the student ambassador program log onto www.studentambassadors.org.