New Orleans Musicians Finding a Home in Texas

9-16-05 - The Peaux Boys, a blues band formed out of two displaced New Orleans musicians, rocked a RiverWalk British pub Thursday night with sounds that made the Crescent City famous.

Several dozen tourists and downtown workers soaked in the music and occasionally visited the tip jar in front of the stage.

"They lost everything and here they are still going," said Jeff Barefoot of San Antonio after tossing a $20 bill in for the band that includes lead singer and guitarist, Charlie Cuccia, and drummer Jeff Hicks, both of New Orleans.

Musicians displaced by Hurricane Katrina are finding support in arts communities and tourism towns across the country, including San Antonio and Austin, while they wait for their city to rebuild.

"The tourists are not going to flock back into that city quick," said Steve Monistere, who played with Hicks and Cuccia in the '50s show band, T.Q. and the Topcats, 30 plus years ago.