Texas Gas Prices Continue Falling

9-16-05 - Gas prices continue to fall below $3 per gallon as disrupted refineries and oil pipelines get back online after Hurricane Katrina, according to a weekly AAA Texas gasoline price survey released Friday.

Regular self-serve gasoline averaged $2.82 per gallon, down 12.4 cents after a 31-cent increase last week but still more than a dollar higher than last year's average, according to the survey.

The price decline resulted from increased gas availability due to resuming refinery and oil pipeline function, as well as driver cutbacks, said AAA Texas spokeswoman Rose Rougeau.

"Gasoline prices are falling across Texas and the rest of the country as more fuel becomes available," she said in the survey statement.

"A federal government report this week showed that drivers cut back on their gasoline use during the price hikes while gas supplies increased."

The national average for regular self-serve gasoline at the pump Friday was $2.92 per gallon, down 11.5 cents from last week.


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