Charities Brace for Hurricane Ripple Effect

9-29-05 - The far reaching ripple effect of both hurricanes is beginning to hit local charities. Their hearts and donations went out to those devastated, and many gave all the clothes, cash and food they could. It was something that made local charities proud but also worries them.

Like others, the Grayson County Salvation Army helped evacuees from Louisiana, but now they find themselves struggling to have the favor returned.

Programs like the Boys and Girls Club and the Angel Tree Program that gave 1,500 needy children a merry Christmas last year may have to be scaled back unless people reach even deeper into their pockets.

The concern is that people say that they have already made a contribution, and that is all they can do.

The United Way kicked off their campaign two weeks ago in the midst of Katrina s devastation. They sponser 22 agencies that all depend on contributions just as much now as they did before the storms.

The United Way has set a $1.4 million goal for this years campaign, a number they did not reach last year. They will only reach it this year if the community donates more to help their own community.

The donations are already starting to grow thin even for hurricane victims. The emergency service center in Sherman is now being stocked on its on tab.