Governor Henry Plants Hope In New Orleans

10-01-05 - Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry is in New Orleans Friday to honor our local national guard troops who have worked so hard since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.

KXII's own Beth Danziger and photojournalist Todd Larkin boarded the plane with Governor Henry, the First Lady and troops.

Approximately 1,900 Oklahoma guard troops are still in Louisiana, but they are to begin returning home this weekend.

Governor Henry addressed them in a special memorial ceremony at Loyola University Friday afternoon honoring them, Katrina victims and survivors, and relief workers.

Oklahoma was the first state to send troops to help with the relief effort. During the ceremony, Governor Henry planted the state tree of Oklahoma, the Eastern Redbud, on the University campus along with a plaque made up of pieces of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building from the Oklahoma City bombing.

Both stand for resilience and symbolize that even with this huge disaster, New Orleans will rebuild and keep growing, just as Oklahoma City did one decade ago.

That Redbud tree and plaque flew down with the Governor Friday morning, and many of the national guardsmen, including soldiers from Durant and Ardmore were in attendance.