Miers Had Brief Career as Politician

10-4-05 - Friends and former colleagues describe Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers as a quiet, even cautious member of the Dallas City Council who chose her words carefully and preferred conciliation to showboating.

Miers visits Dallas several times a year and spends much of her time at the bedside of her elderly and ailing mother, who lives in a Dallas nursing home.

Most recent Supreme Court nominees have been judges or politicians, but Harriet Miers has never sat on the bench and her career as an elected official was limited to three years on the Dallas City Council.

Miers was already a prominent Dallas lawyer when she was elected to the council in 1989, then the latest in a long string of candidates who came out of the city's big law firms. Friends said she ran almost as an obligation.

At the time, the council was split by a redistricting fight that carried racial overtones, was struggling to decide the fate of mass transit in the city and sparring with the Justice Department to settle a dispute over public housing.