TX-OU -- An Expensive Experience

10-07-05 – Saturday is the 100th meeting in the middle for the Longhorns and the Sooners. Thousands of fans will make the trek through Texoma down to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, but the trip won’t be cheap.

Gas prices are still hovering around $2.89 for unleaded, and Dallas is an hour drive from Sherman and two hours from Ardmore. But paying $20 to $50 dollars for gas isn’t deterring some.

“If you're a fan, it doesn't matter what the gas costs, you'll be there,” says Hugh Brown, a Longhorn fan from Sherman.

Actually getting into the game will be the greatest cost. Single tickets are listed for hundreds of dollars on Ebay. Combine that with food, hats, blankets and t-shirts, and what started out as a close-to-home football game will can cost in the thousands. Still, avid Sooner and Longhorn fans say the Rivalry is worth it.

“I admire the spirit of the game, Texas and OU both,” says Brown.