Madill City Manager Still in Limbo

10-12-05 - The future of the Madill City Manager's job has once again been delayed until next month's meeting.

For the second straight meeting, the issue against Robert Watts was tabled. The council was supposed to go into executive session, but this time, a local newspaper pointed out the agenda for the issue was too vague.

In the end, the mayor decided to delay the discussion to make sure it was legal.

The two council members asking for the executive session aren't giving up. They say they'll make sure it's discussed in November. The city manager says the delays are wearing on him.

"I don't want it to, but I'm human and when the things come up and are on there month after month after month, yeah it does have an affect on me," Watts said. "I hate it but it does."

As for drug testing city employees, the city council also tabled that issue for next time, but they did pass a resolution to ask ODOT to put a turn lane on Highway 70 through Madill.