Oklahoma Lottery Underway

10-12-05 - Lasley’s Clerks on South Commerce says they’ve had over 100 winners since sales started. People are lined up, mostly buying the Lucky Seven ticket because it only costs a dollar to play. Winners are getting thirty dollar returns, a few bucks back or even free tickets.

The two major money makers in the Oklahoma lottery are those who play and the state’s schoolchildren. 52 percent of the lottery revenue goes back to prizes and 30 percent goes to education. Of the remaining 18 percent, 7 percent goes towards operations costs, 6 percent for retailer commission, 3 percent to the vendor and 2 percent towards advertising.

"We've had two different people that’s come in that's won the $27 each time, and $20,” Lasley’s Clerk Ruth Skidmore said. “They're just really excited. They may spend $2 and win $27, and they're just really happy.”

Weeks of preparation went into getting ready for the big day, from training for store clerks, to bringing in new equipment.

Oklahoma schools will not get full lottery benefits for two years, but they will get a 5 percent boost after operation costs are taken care of.

Oklahoma lottery tickets won't be sold in pawn shops, payday loan businesses or check cashing stores under rules passed by the state lottery commission today.

The commissioners met to finalize rules for the lottery that begins at 5 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Governor Henry and lawmakers from both parties questioned allowing the sale of lottery tickets at pawn shops and other businesses that they say attracts residents in need of money.

Lottery director Jim Scroggins says scratch-off tickets will go on sale at about 1,200 stores statewide Wednesday morning. He says about 21 million tickets are being sent to the stores.

One store chain that won't be selling lottery tickets is 7-11. Store employees are handing out flyers saying lottery rules would require to keep more cash on hand than they want.