Heartland Flyer Thriving

10-24-05 - More people are once again riding the rails.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, the number of Heartland Flyer passengers is up. Almost 70,000 tickets have been sold just this past year, and many of them are in Ardmore.

No one knows trains better than the Gragg family. Four years ago they took Amtrak across the country, and they began their trip on the Heartland Flyer.

And they aren't the only ticket buyers.

Ticket sales saw an increase of nearly 25 percent this past year and out performed all other Amtrak routes in the U.S.

ODOT contributes the success to advertising and customer service.

?All you have to do is ride it once and you see how much fun it is,? frequent flyer Theresa Gragg said.

Over a quarter of a million people have ridden the Heartland Flyer since its first run in 1999.