Fire Destroys Sherwood Shores Yacht

10-24-05 - Smoke could be seen for almost ten miles from a boat that caught fire near Sherwood Shores Monday morning.

A fully-fueled yacht parked in the Cedar Bayou Marina caught fire around 8:30 a.m. Monday.

Several volunteer fire departments responded, but the location on the docks made it impossible to put it out with a hose.

Before it could spread to other boats, firemen cut it loose, and it drifted across shore and burned.

"With all these boats around here, we could have had a lot of boats going at the same time," Sherwood Shores Volunteer Fire Department member Clive Blackwell said. "We would have had a lot more people out here. There's a lot of danger here for one of those boats if it caught on fire."

Firefighters believe an electrical spark started the fire.