More Dumping into Lake Texoma?

10-25-05 - The expected growth in the Texoma area over the next few years could take its toll on Lake Texoma. That's where more and more waste water will end up, and the increase could start in just a few months.

The city of Pottsboro is one of several in the area that dumps their treated waste water into a creek that eventually flows into the lake. The amount that they dump could almost triple by the end of the year.

The city is submitting an application to the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality that would allow them to dump 900,000 gallons of treated waste water into the lake per day.

That's almost three times the 350,000 they are currently allowed to dump.

Pottsboro says they are simply taking the lead as the expected growth will force several surrounding cities to do the same as their current permits expire.

Pending state approval, they have tentative plans to partner up with Denison and build a new treatment plant near the Grayson County Airport.

Despite concerned lake goers, the city says the water they pump into the lake is nothing to fear.

"Processed water goes through the plant," Pottsboro city manager Jerry Guillory said. "It's not potable, but usable and sometimes cleaner than the water in the lake."

Some property owners in the area did receive a letter from the TCEQ telling them about the proposed permit, and that any concerns or complaints need to be voiced at a public meeting next month.

Texas cities renew their dumping permits with the TCEQ every five years.