Blankets to Warm the Heart

10-26-05 – Sherman High School senior Sarah Fallon is comforting kids at the Child Guidance Clinic of Texoma by making security blankets. Her project is about to become part of a national competition.

Sarah has never met most of the children that have one of the hundreds of blankets she’s made over the past two years, but she’s read letters of thanks and heard how the therapists say it helps.

“The impact has been monumental. A lot of these children have either been physically or sexually abused. A lot of them have grief issues. They've lost friends and what these blankets do for them, it gives them a security that's all their own,” says Karen Cabaniss, Clinical Director.

For Sarah, it started as a craft project for her friends two years ago: buying yards of fleece from a local fabric store, and shaping the fabric into blankets. Now, each child that walks through the door of the Guidance Clinic for therapy gets to pick out a blanket. It is something to hold close and comfort them during stressful times.

Sarah is entering her “Operation Warm Fuzzies” project into the national Make A Difference Day contest, whose winner will receive $10,000 toward the non-profit of her choice; in this case, the Child Guidance Clinic. Sarah is going to college next year, but will pass her project on to younger teens.