Gay Marriage Amendment on Texas Ballot

10-27-05 - Voters in Texas will have their say in just two weeks on gay marriage. Known as Proposition Two, the amendment would define marriage as between a man and a woman, but will voters show up at the polls?

It's a topic that has been talked about for years especially after states like Massachusetts have allowed gay marriage. But as Texans prepare to vote, the timing isn't perfect for voter turnout.

Early voting began across the state on Monday, including Grayson county where things got off to a slow start with only approximately 200 voters on day one.

The question is whether this proposed amendment is on the ballot in a year where there is no gubernatorial or presidential election, and that means not as many people make a point to cast their vote.

In fact, traditionally, voter turnout for similar elections is only about three
percent. A small number that also means an even smaller representation will carry the decision.

Grayson County Clerk Wilma Blackshear Bush thinks voters are ready to voice their opinion with an item as controversial and as highly publicized as gay marriage.

"Lots of interest in proposition two," Grayson County Clerk Wilma Blackshear Bush said. "It will mean higher voter turnout."

"People look to Texas as leader, and what we do will send a message across the nation," Parkside Baptist Church Pastor Dr. Chet Haney said.

Grayson County as well as most early voting spots are doing all they can to help voters make an informed decision. Voter guides with clear instructions and details on what they are voting for are available at the ballot boxes.

Early voting runs through November 4th, and election day is November 8th.