Auction House Burns in Dickson

10-28-05 - Fire destroyed a long-time auction house in Dickson overnight. The Tibb's Auction House caught fire just after midnight and was a total loss by the time the flames died out, a tremendous loss for the owners and for the Dickson community.

Late this morning the building was still smoldering. The fire started around 1. The owners live next door and heard propane tanks inside the auction house exploding.

But by the time firefighters arrived it was a total loss. The roof had already caved in and they focused more on making sure the flames didn't spread.

The auction house has been a part of Dickson for 16-years and it's become more of a meeting place for the community then a business.

Joe Tibbs, the auction house owner, says, "That is what has kept us up for so long it wasn't necessarily a place to come to auction to buy stuff it was to see who was there and for folks to visit in the town."

The owners may never know how this fire started. Since the auction house wasn't insured, the fire chief isn't calling in the fire marhsal.

This is the second fire for the auction house owner's family in one week. Last Thursday his mother's house was also completely destroyed just down the road.