Texoma Authorities Track Counterfeit Ring

10-28-05 - Authorities have new information that may connect them to a counterfeiting ring in Ardmore.

Tractor supply was just one of several stores hit with counterfeit bills this week, but authorities are hoping to stop the trend soon.

Two recent arrests have caught the attention of authorities much bigger than local law enforcement. Right now it's a multi-agency investigation involving Ardmore Police, Love County, and North Texas authorities.

The investigation has been going on for almost five months, and they hope to make two more arrests soon.

"The actual dollar amount is not so much our concern as is locating who's actually manufacturing these notes, and where the notes are coming from," Rick Reynolds of the Ardmore Police Department said.

Tractor Supply is hosted a meeting for clerks on identifying counterfeit bills so they can catch more before authorities catch those responsible.

Ardmore police say the ring has cashed over $1,000 just in Ardmore, but they say the ring is over more states than just Oklahoma and Texas.