An SOSU Ghost Story

10-31-05 – The ghost of a stage technician who worked at Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s Montgomery Theatre is said to haunt the rafters. It’s been over 50 years, but the story is still alive today.

Faculty, staff and students call him “George”—a man who supposedly fell from the balcony at the theatre in SOSU’s oldest building, Morrison Hall, built in 1909.

“It would get cold up there, you'd hear noises up there, it was just really strange,” says Heath Gammon, a facilities technician at the university.

Ten years ago, Gammon was a student at SOSU, working in the theatre. While he’d always heard the stories of the tragic accident, he didn’t believe in ghosts. But one night, he opened his mind.

“It was early October, 1992. There were three or four of us—including my wife and my buddies. As we were shutting off the lights, these light bulbs started falling behind [my wife]. She’d be walking and they just fell down right behind her, one after another,” says Gammon.

According to the tale, George met his demise when another ghost startled him—the apparition of a little girl who died in the basement swimming pool years before. The theatre was renovated in the mid-nineties. After that time, ghost sightings became less frequent. But ghost hunters will still stake out the auditorium, hoping to get a glimpse of this classic campus spirit.

“This place used to be really freaky, and I think if there was ever a ghost anywhere, there was probably one here,” says Gammon.