TXU Tree Trimming Angers Resident

11-1-05 - The first sign of winter arrived today with plenty of wind, rain, and even a few power outages, but keeping the power on this winter is already causing some controversy.

One homeowner says it's hurting his property values as TXU has begun maintenance work around the lines that supply power to Texoma no matter what stands in the way or who it belong to.

A contractor hired by TXU showed up at Troy Davis's house off Juanita Street in Denison Saturday and proceeded to chop up several of the trees in the Davis's front yard. This after Davis asked him to wait until he could contact TXU, but the worker was simply following orders.

TXU is trimming trees that are near power lines as a precaution since those tree limbs could possibly knock down a line and cause a power outage. It's something they will do in all areas where trees pose a problem.

But Davis is furious about how his trees were cut.

TXU says they try to give at least a couple of days notification before they start chopping trees. Texas law does not allow you to prune your own trees if they are near power lines. It must be done by a professional.

To find out more about your trees and if they need to be trimmed back, check out the TXU website.