Allegations of Racial Slur by Calhoun's Manager

11-1-05 - Five student organizations from Austin College held a private party at Calhoun's Dance Hall Friday night, and one of the student organizations says a manager at the club used a racial slur and told him to ask the African American students to leave.

Friday night's party was promoted under the name Global Groove. It was organized by the Indian Cultural Association, Los Amigos, the Student's International Organization and a fraternity and sorority.

This was the event's fifth year, and the third time it has been held at Calhouns. But this year, a student that organized the event says the club's manager approached him and told him one particular group was not welcome.

"They asked me to have our African American friends leave the party that were there," Global Groove organizer Shan Nanji said. "I refused. [The manager said] can you ask your nigger friends to leave."

Nanji says when he refused, Calhouns employees harassed him including at times turning down his speakers. Finally, he announced to the crowd that they were leaving.

Since KXII spoke to Nanji Monday night, more students have come forward, and they are holding a meeting Tuesday night to discuss what happened at the club and decide if they will pursue any legal action.

KXII was able to contact the club's manager by phone Monday night, and he says he doesn't know why the students are making the accusations and declined further comment. KXII tried calling him back, but he has not returned the messages yet.

It is worth noting Calhouns is a private club, and they have the right to refuse service to anyone. There is an exception -- they may not refuse service on the basis of race.

KXII was able to contact an attorney representing Calhouns Tuesday afternoon, and he says he does not know of any policy or rule that would ask employees to discriminate against any person of any race.