M.E.'s Report - Dickson Teen Driving Drunk

11-2-05 - Dickson police say they have the final piece of their investigation into the deadly September accident that claimed the life of Dickson senior Jordan Page, but even as the toxicology results show she had been drinking, her family stuanchly denies that.

17-year-old Jordan Page's blood alcohol level was 0.23. That's eleven times the legal limit for her age group, and authorities now hope a makeshift memorial will become a new type of symbol for teenagers.

In the past year, Dickson Police have seen an increase of binge drinking in local teenagers. They are now hoping when kids pass the crosses on Highway 199 they will think of Jordan Page and not drink and drive.

The department works closely with schools and does plan to integrate this accident into their Students Against Drinking (SAD) program.

Officers say it is the best real life example they can now give Dickson teens.

"She was well liked, popular in the school and something tragic like this, maybe it will open the eyes of other kids that are driving or that are about to start driving, open their eyes that drinking and driving is not what they need to do," Dickson Police Department Officer Mickey Miles said.

Authorities say Jordan Page was drinking at a party in Ardmore before heading to that football game. Ardmore Police have investigated the incident and turned their findings over to the District Attorney's office.

Dickson Police believe more high school teens in their area are binge drinking due to peer pressure by older teens.