Angry Driver Claims to Be Cop

11-2-05 - A roadside argument in Sherman this morning took a bizarre twist when one of the drivers involved claimed to be a Sherman police officer, but which driver did it?

The incident happened during a time when Grand Street sees a lot of traffic, but for two drivers, things escalated to the point where one got out of his vehicle and told the other he was going to take her to jail. But neither driver was a cop, and now both of them are telling police the opposite story.

With school zone lights flashing and the road congested, the complaints about fellow drivers were flowing, but for one today, they decided to do something about it.

“He proceeded to stop car and come over to the window and threaten me and tell me I was tailgating.”

This driver says she was only trying to switch lanes before crossing the Grand Street bridge when a man stepped out of a pick-up wearing khakis and a t-shirt. He told her he was a police officer and threatened to take her to jail.

After calling the Sherman Police Department to complain, she found out not only was there no Detective Jones, but the same complaint had been made to dispatchers just minutes earlier against her.

Regardless of who you believe in this situation, it's a claim that can easily be intercepted and exposed. When making arrests, law officers are prepared to show that they are legit.

“If you're going to take enforcement, our policy says you have to have your badge and ID card.”

Though it's not uncommon for un-uniformed officers to drive in unmarked vehicles, it is policy in Sherman and across most the area that officers have identification, and when carrying a gun their badge must be in proximity to the firearm, a policy officers are expected to abide by no matter the time or place.

The standard policy in Sherman and at most departments is in routine enforcement, officers are required to give their name and badge number when asked, although there are exceptions.

Sherman PD says today's incident is a matter of he said, she said, and they don't plan on any arrests at this time.