Threat at Local School, Teen Arrested

11-3-05 - For the second time in less than a month threats cause concern at local schools.

Several parents decided not to send their kids to class after the front and back doors at Dickson High School were locked yesterday and the day before, but officials say the school is not on lockdown and parents shouldn't worry.

The Carter County Sheriff's Department transported a Dickson High School senior to a juvenile detention center in Tallahina last night after death threats were allegedly made to basketball players and administrators. The school contacted families that were affected, but say other families have no need to panic or keep their kids home.

Chief William Thomas of the Dickson Police Department says, "There was no big deal over there at all. No one was ever in any kind of danger or anything of that nature. It was just something that got completely blown out of proportion."

Crisis Control administrators say the biggest problem is rumors. Kingston schools lost 30 percent of their students in one day over concerns of a student hit list.

There is no word on if the 17-year-old student will face charges.