Emergency Systems Target of Sales Tax

11-4-05 - Emergency weather sirens in Healdton are in need of an upgrade. The system isn't working like it should, and now the city is taking the safety issue to the voters.

Next Tuesday residents will vote on increasing the sales tax from eight percent to 8.5. The money would go to replace those sirens, plus buy new police cars and fire trucks.

Right not the four sirens aren't reliable. Some have to be turned on manually while others just don't work. One new siren costs around $30,000. The city says the increase is a small price to pay for safety, but others aren't so sure.

Sam Turner, a Healdton resident, says, "The people here, it's going to stretch their budget some more then others, but especially those that are on a fixed income.”

If the issue passes the increase will last five years and bring in around $72,000 to the city each year.