Ardmore Woman Charged With Embezzlement

11-8-05 - An Ardmore apartment complex manager is accused of using a fire to steal from her work.

Lynda Hall, 47, is in the Carter County Jail after being arrested Monday afternoon charged with embezzling money and filing a false report.

The investigation started at the Orchard Apartments Sunday morning when manager Lynda Hall's unit caught on fire. She decided to fire a police report where she told Police after the fire was out she couldn't go back into her apartment for several hours due to safety concerns. When she returned, she claimed the bank bag full of over $8,000 in rent money was missing.

Monday she admitted to Ardmore Police that it was all a lie. She used the fire as an opportunity to cover up stealing that money from the complex.

Ardmore Police say Hall finally admitted to the crimes because she wanted to free herself from what she had done. Hall has worked as the Orchard Apartments manager for about one year.