Student Blames Ghost for Crime

11-8-05 - A Murray State College freshman is accused of breaking into a museum and a church and then blaming a ghost. Police say Jonathon Talbott left behind a note that read "Poltergeist everywhere... Need better security."

The 20-year-old from Lindsay was arrested Saturday night, running away from the Church of the Nazarene, which had just been burglarized. Police say the church pastor caught him in the act of stealing costumes from the church when Talbott pulled 2 knives and spoke the same phrase he’d written in a guest book the night before.

That took place at the Johnston County Museum. On Friday night police believe Talbott ransacked the building for more than 2 hours, trying on antique wedding dresses and a band uniform. He stole a handful of corsets, an antique police badge and even destroyed a manikin in the restroom.

Police still don't know why he left the poltergeist messages.