School Ratings Rise

11-11-05 - Good news tonight for the community of Ardmore. One school rated "low performing" last year is now at the top of the district.

The district says Jefferson Elementary's test scores in 2004 were just plain disappointing and embarrassing. But for 2005, that's all changed and the district says it's all thanks to a new teaching plan they implemented into the school.

Every teacher at Jefferson Elementary spent last year using a new guided reading and math program. They focused more on these two subjects than anything else. Teachers from the other three elementary schools also came in and helped tutor students.

The biggest difference in test scores this year was in math. In 2004 on the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test, only 36 percent of the students passed. But last year 90 percent did, the highest in the district.

This new teaching style worked so well that at Monday’s board meeting the board will decide to approve more state funding to keep it going.

Jefferson Elementary must have high test scores again on the OCCT before the low performing title will be removed from the school.