New Medicare Prescription Drug Program Begins

11-15-05 - The enrollment for the new Medicare prescription drug program began Tuesday all over the country, but after months of preparation, there are still plenty of seniors left scratching their heads.

Not until now has Medicare covered prescription drugs. Now Medicare-D is a new program designed to help seniors get the drugs they need at an affordable cost, but determining which plan is the right plan already is making plenty of people sick.

The biggest reply most have with Medicare-D is that they don't understand a thing about it. With around 40 different plans that cover different drugs at different costs, it's now decision time for all prescription drug users over the age of 65.

Because of how confusing the new system can be, some seniors are making the decision to stick with their current plan, but the new program could mean that those providers could cut back even more than they already are.

Tuesday was the first day of enrollment, and it runs through May 15, 2006. If you sign up before New Year's Day, your coverage begins on January 1st.

The government recommends you also speak with your pharmacist before picking a plan.

The area agency on Aging is available to help seniors make the best decision for them. If you call 211, they have operators standing by.

Also for more information, please go to the Official Medicare website located at