Ardmore Animal Ordinance Began Tuesday

11-15-05 - A controversial new animal ordinance in Ardmore took affect today, but folks who still want their livestock in town aren't giving up.

That ordinance forces all livestock out of residential neighborhoods, but in some cases, owners still haven't moved their animals. Now some of them have hired an attorney to keep their horses right where they are.

In a unanimous decision back in May, city commissioners passed the ordinance that only allows livestock in rural areas of the city that have at least one acre of land per animal, but for some residents, those animals, especially horses, have lived in their backyards for years.

They've hired an attorney to work with the city to allow a grandfather clause to take affect meaning those who had horses before the new ordinance was passed shouldn't have to move them.

"I just hope it makes them step back and take a look at what they've been doing," Dorothy Banks, a resident against the ordinance, said. "I mean, they didn't even ask us for our opinion."

The city manager insists the ordinance will stay the way it was passed. The residents'' attorney says if that happens, they will look into filing an injunction with the district court.

A city code enforcement officer was out Tuesday reminding folks to move their animals. Owners get a grace period this week, and then they'll receive a $200 fine.