Charities Cash in with Valero Refinery

11-18-05 - Nine southern Oklahoma charities cashed in today in a big way, all thanks to the Valero refinery in Ardmore.

The oil and gas company donated $130,000 to local groups, part of the money raised from charity golf events in San Antonio this year. That's 25 percent more than last year.

The money will benefit all areas of Ardmore from providing quality day care to educational and recreational programs for at-risk youth.

The following charities received donations:

(1) Hardy House boy and girls club of Wilson
(2) March of dimes
(3) Take Two
(4) Gloria Ainsworth Day care center
(5) Ardmore Day Nursery
(6) Arbuckle Area Boy Scout Council
(7) Community Children's Shelter
(8) Baptist children home of Madill
(9) Community in Schools