Martial Arts Master Teaches Local Kids

11-18-05 - He has literally been around the world and back, and now he is in Sherman hitting schools in the area to give your kids a lesson in self-defense and self-discipline.

Roland Osborne is a real knock out. He's the host of a Discovery Channel reality show uncovering the science of martial arts. Now his mission is to create champions for the game of life.

Elementary schools in Sherman are rocking and rolling this week with Martial Arts blackbelt Roland Osborne. This champion is getting a kick out of life, but what means the most to him is teaching techniques and values that empower kids to do greater things.

"You know you always think about who's influencing your kids and kids really need positive role models in today," Osborne said. "I have kind of chosen to take that responsibility of going out there and really working with the kids and motivating them and showing them what they can do if they really put their heart into it."

In assemblies this week, Osborne gives life lessons to kids about excelling in the classroom and how to stay attentive to their teachers.

"I get to travel all over the world and work with kids helping them achieve greater things," Osborne said.

Local instructor Rick Arnold says martial arts is more than just a sport.

"We teach those values, we teach the good things that martial arts brings out in people," Arnold said. "The kicking and punching is just an avenue to get to that."

If your child is interested in working with Osborne while he is in town, there is a free workshop Friday night at 7:30 p.m. at the Premier Marshal Arts School located at 1921 W. Houston in Sherman, and it is open to any child.

Osborne also has a website for kids where they can become champions in life, on the web at