Vandalism Spreading in Rural Areas

11-18-05 - Juvenile crime is taking its toll in the small town of Mill Creek. In the past four months, they've caused thousands of dollars worth of damage, and last night they threatened police officers.

The crimes all started four months ago when the Mill Creek high school principal's home was ransacked. And police believe the suspects are now hitting other towns.

Last night someone vandalized a house in Wapanucka, spray painting obscenities to the back of the home. Police say it's the same type of writing and paint used in Mill Creek over the last few months.

They've also broke into several businesses, even spray painted the American flag hanging outside Mill Creek city hall.

The Mill Creek police chief says although these are small crimes, they're extremely costly.

The Mill Creek Police Department has interviewed over 20 suspects with no luck. Now they're asking for your help. If you have any information, you’re asked to the call Mill Creek city hall 580-384-5757.