OSBI Investigating Possible Student Abuse

11-21-05 - The OSBI is now investigating allegations that a Healdton Elementary teacher physically assaulted a student.

The mother of the third grader who made the claim says all she wanted was her daughter to be moved into a different teacher’s classroom. She never believed it would turn into a state investigation.

The mother claims that the abuse has happened on several occasions throughout the school year. Some include the teacher pushing her daughter’s hand into food because she forgot her silverware and spanking the child for putting a paper towel in the wrong trash can.

At last Monday’s school board meeting, the board listened to the mother’s concerns and decided in an executive session to launch an investigation, but the Healdton Police Department stepped aside due to conflicts of interest. That is when the District Attorney turned the investigation over to the OSBI.

"Unfortunately, this is a department of one and certainly they have more resources,” Carter County District Attorney Mitch Sperry said. “This could potentially be a comprehensive investigation.”

The Healdton superintendent had no comment but did say the third grader is still in the same classroom under the supervision of a teacher’s aid. The District Attorney says it may take several weeks for the OSBI to complete the investigation.