2 Durant businesses commended for completing quality jobs program

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DURANT, OK -- Durant's two largest companies joined an elite club Friday, a club bringing more quality jobs into the local Bryan County economy.

Lt. Governor Todd Lamb welcomed Cardinal Glass and Big Lots to an exclusive group in the state of Oklahoma.

Lt. Governor Lamb said, "Several hundreds of companies have participated in quality jobs over 10 years. 12 percent have last 10 years; 2 of the 12 percent are located right here in Durant Oklahoma."

The quality jobs program is a cash back job creation incentive which gives companies quarterly payments for keeping the average company wage at or above the average county wage.

He says most companies drop out before they complete the full 10 year contract.

Lamb added, "That's why I'm honored to be a small part of the day, just to say thank you to these two companies."

He says it has a multiplier effect on the local economy which helps to strengthen it over time.

Lamb said, "That mom that's employed there, that dad that's employed there, now they're gonna buy groceries in the community. Then that grocery, he might go an invest in something else."

Both companies say they're proud to call Durant home and they're not letting up on their commitment to the community.

Shaun Banner with Cardinal Glass said, "We're very very pleased to pend a lot of our success, or all of our success on the good employees that we have."

Billy Marr with Big Lots said, "People aren't having to travel to the north Texas area. A lot of the money, most of the money stays local."

Durant Industrial Authority say the success speaks to the teamwork among community leaders.

Tommy Kramer with the Durant Industrial Authority said," Over the past 10 years create an additional 200 million in payroll, it's monumental."

Cardinal Glass received a total of 4.5 million over the 10 years in the program Big Lots received 4 million.

They combine for around 600 total jobs.