Paris Police arrest 2 people for theft and find hidden drugs

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PARIS, TX - Two people are now facing multiple charges after attempting to steal from a Paris store.

27-year old Robert Frolich II of Powderly and 24-year old Aja Thompson of Paris have been arrested for theft and multiple other charges.

The two were originally arrested for theft, when they were seen putting merchandise into a baby's stroller and then leaving a store in the 3800 block of Lamar Avenue. After police had the two in custody, they found prescription pills, marijuana and less than a gram of methamphetamine inside the baby's diaper and a double edge knife on Frolich.

Thompson was charged with possession of a dangerous drug, possession of a controlled substance and endangering a child. Frolich was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and a warrant in Oklahoma for failure to appear to court on a theft charge.

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