Finding Stolen Puppies

11-22-05 - There is an elaborate scam aimed at stealing high-priced pups in Texoma, but now we know it may run deeper than first thought. The breeders that helped bust that ring are now also taking steps to get back what was lost.

Two weeks ago, KXII reported on a local couple that helped Grayson County Deputies catch the man who they think stole dogs from almost 30 breeders, but their work wasn’t done. Now they’re looking for those dogs that were taken and it has ballooned into a number that is triple what was originally thought.

Daryl Valentine is the man accused of purchasing dogs with fake money orders and then turning them for profit. A scam more wide-spread thatn initially thought, and that’s why his bail has been increased from $10,000 to $250,000.

After KXII’s initial story ran, the couple that helped catch him, Teresa and Scott Carsten, received several phone calls and estimate that right now 103 dogs were stolen from breeders in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Now, they want to find them all, so they have set up a as a site for victimized breeders to post pictures of their stolen dogs as well as communicate with each other on how to get them back.

It’s an online headquarters for everyone trying to find stolen pups.

“It's a gathering point for them to go to,” dog breeder Scott Carsten said. “If local law agencies want to go there, they can do that too.”

Several of those law enforcement agencies including the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office are all cooperating to try and track down these lost dogs.

On the website they have all the information on what to do and who to contact if you think you have information on any of the stolen dogs.