City Eyes Tightening Pet Ordinance

11-22-05 - The city of Sherman is taking a closer look at their existing pet ordinance, and some pet owners weren’t taking the news lying down.

For the second year in a row, tightening up on Sherman’s pet ordinance is at the top of City Councilman Steve Jonse’s agenda, and even thought it wasn’t on Monday night’s agenda, it didn’t stop some pet lovers from getting a leg up on the issue.

Mark Williams was one of two pet owners who expressed his love for animals. Currently, Sherman allows a combined total of 12 dogs and cats per home, and Jonse is hoping to reduce that number to ten as well as raise fines for those who violate the rules.

A member of the North Texas German Shepherd Rescue Incorporated also spoke to the council about the importance of educating dog owners.

Jonse is also porposing that certain dog breed owners take out liability insurance if they own dogs that fall under the vicious dog category breed by the Center for Disease Control.

"Where are you going to draw the line?” pet owner Judith Collier said. “Is a vicious dog something that bites somebody, and the others aren't cause they haven't bitten anyone yet?"

The vicious dog list contains ten breeds from pit bulls to rotweillers to German shepherds. Jonse says his number one goal is to protect the citizens of Sherman, and if he can prevent one dog bite, whether it be a child or adult, it is worth it.

The proposals haven’t been presented yet, but they are expected to be on the agenda December 19th.