Future Community Center Eyed in Ardmore

11-23-05 - A historical building sitting vacant in Ardmore may soon reopen and could benefit the entire community.

Every day while helping folks with their pets, Jo Brightwell also looks right into her past.

Culvert Dairy was Ardmore's huge dairy factory and store. For over 40 years folks came from all over to sell their milk and buy dairy products.

But since it closed its doors in 1985 it has stayed vacant, just sitting while time has passed. Now the city wants to turn it into a community resource center. It would be a place where services like YWCA and Work Force Oklahoma could offer help to residents all in one location, and last week the city learned they'll get the $200,000 grant they need to get it started.

"The city hall is right here, the sheriff's department is here, the courthouse, and now this it will really centralize the services for people.”

And for residents like Brightwell it will also mean restoring a place that represented Ardmore for most of their lives and give another reason for folks to head to downtown.

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe and U.S. Rep. Tom Cole help secure that grant money for Ardmore. The city says obtaining the building is still in the works. It could be another three to five years before the center opens.