Counterfeiters Caught in Local Motel

11-23-05 - Two accused counterfeiters are behind bars tonight in Ardmore, and police are now looking to see if the pair is behind an entire counterfeit ring.

Ardmore police say the counterfeit bill this time around was the best fake they've ever seen, and it was a lucky break that a store clerk questioned the money.

Police say the $100 bill looks just like the real thing. It has a security strip inside and even passed a watermark test, but it's made out of the wrong kind of paper and is smaller than other bills.

It was that main difference that helped catch Daniel Nevelang and his wife Karen.

Karen tried passing the bill at Walgreens this morning. The two have been staying at the Super 8 Motel since last night. Inside their hotel room authorities also found equipment and paper to make more counterfeit bills.

Eric Hamblin with Ardmore PD said, "Were glad we were able to catch them when we did. Any time fakes like that get passed, it affects the merchants and some of the places."

The couple is from Texas and police aren't sure how long they've been in Ardmore, but they're now working with the Secret Service to see if the couple is connected to anymore counterfeit crimes in the area.

The couple is in the Carter County Jail tonight. Both are charged with several crimes including attempting to pass a forged instrument and possession of counterfeit equipment.