Committee voices recommendations to Ardmore school board

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- School may be out for the summer, but that doesn't mean school boards are taking time off. The Ardmore Board of Education met Tuesday night to hear recommendations of a special committee made up of citizens from across the community.

The Facilities Committee is made of 28 individuals who have agreed to help the board come up with a plan of action to improve Ardmore’s elementary school system.

Administrators say the problem is a growing elementary student body, and aging, cramped facilities. The committee’s recommendations include keeping most of the neighborhood elementary schools and call for up to 30 more classrooms at the new Charles Evans School. They say at least six more rooms are needed at Jefferson Elementary, and the rough plan outlines a major renovation of the existing Franklin Elementary.

Committee members say it is important that their recommendations be acted on.

"Our facilities have deteriorated very badly and we need to do something. Otherwise we are depriving our children of the quality of learning facilities that they deserve," committee member Everisto Chikanga says.

The committee says students of Lincoln Elementary on Stanley Street should be sent to other schools in order to make room for the Take 2 Academy, an alternative school that serves students from Ardmore, Marietta, Turner, Thackerville, as well as Davis. That school is currently on Springdale Road and is actually in a facility owned by the Dickson School District.

Lincoln Elementary was built in 1928 and is home to just over 200 students from grades 1 through 5.

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