Third Ardmore Armed Robbery in Past Week

12-6-05 - An attempted armed robbery in Ardmore Tuesday morning makes three in just over the past week.

Ardmore Police say crime usually picks up during the Holiday season, but it's never peaked like this. With so many more thieves lately having weapons, it's a huge cause for concern.

This latest armed robbery happened in the Wal-Mart parking lot Tuesday morning. A customer was on her way to her car when the robber appeared out of another car with a revolver and demanded her purse.

This time the victim refused and the thief took off only to be caught just an hour later by Ardmore Police.

For those Christmas shopping, the peak in crime has them worried.

"It concerns me," Ardmore resident Chuck Spencer said. "It's scary especially with my wife and kids doing their Christmas shopping alone, you never know what's going to happen."

Ardmore Police do have a plan to deal with this unusual crime rate. They aren't giving many details as to what it is, but they say the public should see a difference in crime very soon.

The woman accused of that attempted armed robbery Tuesday morning is in the Carter County jail.

Brittani Rouse, 23, admitted to the crime Tuesday afternoon. An officer stopped her off Mclish Street after he recognized her vehicle from the victim's description.