Scrap Prices Rise - Thefts Rise Too

12-7-05 - Are you throwing money away? The price of metal is at an all-time high, but for those throwing it out there are those ready to capitalize.

It may look like a pile of junk, everything from lawnmowers to old washers, but beneath it all there's a hidden treasure to be found.

Lance Frye with D&R Recycling says, “It's as high as it's been; high demand for it.”

Since the hurricanes, metal means money. The cost of rebuilding has increased the demand for soda cans, and some are willing to do anything to get their hands on it.

Salvage yards and scrap yards across the country have seen more and more thieves since the price of aluminum is at 50 cents a pound and copper is right around $2 a pound. It’s an all time high, a price high enough to send some digging through the wreckage.

“They name off car parts to get into [the] yard, then see something sitting around [and] take off with good priced metal.”

And that put the yards on their toes. Surveillance systems and ID checks of those that bring metal in are used at D&R Recycling, and the valuables are kept hidden. You never know where the treasure might be.

The scrap yards aren't the only places that have seen an increase of thieves. Construction sites need to also keep a watchful eye on their materials.