Ardmore Patrol Cars Go High-Tech

12-12-05 - The police department started the process to get computers almost two years ago. And today they watched as their dream turned into a reality.

Today an installation team began putting in brackets and the base that the laptops will sit on, along with the GPS system. And as they worked even more parts arrived. They'll start putting in the computers by the end of the week.

The mobile data terminals will allow officers to do almost all their work from their cars, like research information, even write reports. Plus they'll also be able to communicate silently with dispatchers and one another without having to go over the radio.

The department will install those computers in all of their 56 police units. It will take around six weeks. Plus the fire department plans to put five in their fire trucks as well.

Ardmore commissioners approved the money for the mobile data terminals back in September. The $650,000 came from gaps tax funding.