Pit Bull Bites Boy in Face

12-10-05 - A southern Oklahoma boy underwent plastic surgery after he was bitten by a pit bull while the family was shopping for a puppy. It happened at the home of a breeder that First News interviewed one week ago.

On Friday, Silas Carter says he blames no one for what happened the night before. He says the family from Soper was visiting his Bryan County home when the bite happened. The boy was looking at a newborn litter of puppies when the mother dog bit his upper lip. Carter says the dog likely felt her litter was threatened because the 12-year-old boy had an older puppy with him. He says it was an instinctual reaction that happens with any breed.

The family took the boy to Durant where he underwent surgery, but has since been released.

The family had purchased a pit bull puppy from Carter just days before and was returning to buy another at the time. Despite the bite, they bought another puppy, but have since said they’ll more than likely get rid of both puppies.

Last week in a story on First News at Ten, Carter defended the breed and said in his 6 years of raising and selling hundreds of pit bulls, he’d never had a dog bite a person.

Carter has agreed to quarantine the dog for ten days. Her puppies will go with her.