Spy Satellite Used Over SE Oklahoma

IDABEL, Okla. (AP) - A published report says a military satellite was used after the Oklahoma City bombing to gather information about a white separatist compound in eastern Oklahoma.

The McCurtain Daily Gazette reports it has US Secret Service
documents mentioning the use of a satellite to gather intelligence
at Elohim City.

The report says a Secret Service log indicates that on May 2nd, 1995, the FBI was looking for suspects who were thought to be in Elohim City. That was 13 days after the bombing.

Secret Service spokesman Jonathan Cherry told The Associated Press he can't confirm the document is a Secret Service document and declined further comment.

There is no indication in the document what information was

Timothy McVeigh was executed in 2001 for the bombing and Terry
Nichols is serving life in prison for his role.

But many people believe others were involved, including a group of white supremacist bank robbers who had ties to Elohim City.