Deadly Plane Crash

The Coast Guard and other rescuers haven't been able to save anyone on the plane that plunged into the water off Miami Beach today.

Scuba divers and rescuers in speedboats and on personal
watercraft and surfboards tried to reach victims, but found no sign
of survivors.

The Coast Guard says there were 19 people on the plane. Nineteen
bodies have been found. Authorities say three infants were on the
plane bound for the Bahamas.

A spokeswoman says the F-B-I is helping the investigation
because witnesses report an explosion before the plane went down.
However, the official at the Miami field office says "it's too
soon to say" if the F-B-I will be involved.

A 14 year old says he saw the plane flying low with a trail of white smoke and flames coming from the bottom.

A surfer says the plane "exploded in the air and one of the
wings flew out" while the rest plunged into the water.