Cleaning up for Christmas

12-21-05 - The holiday trash is overflowing and it's finding its way into Sherman streets and creeks.

The creek sits just across highway 82 from Wal-Mart in Sherman and there are more of these blue plastic bags than you can count.

It's an environmental problem that rears its ugly head every holiday season and like most cities, Sherman is devoting more time to picking up.

Everything from sacks, to wrapping paper, to boxes is overflowing trash cans, both commercial and residential.

The stuff that spills out of the trash can either end up in a storm drain that leads to the creeks or the wind blows it all over the place meaning more work for street maintenance.

Now Sherman does have extra crews out these days picking up the trash that ends up on the roads. But it's impossible to get to everything and when the trash ends up in the creeks, it's a messy situation.

To make sure your trash doesn't end up there, Sherman is running additional trash pick-up in residential areas the week after Christmas. The trucks will make two trips down your street to collect extra bags of holiday trash.

Also the following week after new years, they'll be picking up Christmas trees that are set out on curbs.

Most trash services in the area are doing extra work during the holidays.

Make sure you check for those additional pick-up times in your area.