Entire Viewing Area Under Fireworks Ban

12-29-05 - Oklahoma and Texas authorities are banning fireworks, but not the sale of them. Some local officials are asking state leaders to shut down fireworks stands as well because it sends a mixed message.

The Oklahoma governor made it clear today; fireworks are part of the statewide burn ban he enacted last month. But some firefighters say letting stands stay open to sell fireworks anyway is sending mix signals. And the Carter County sheriff agrees. He says he won't fine anyone for setting off fireworks unless it starts a fire.

Along with fireworks there has also been some confusion on burning trash in barrels. Several departments had to stop some folks from doing that today. Fire departments want to reiterate that's illegal too.

Other sheriff's departments say they will strictly enforce the ban on lighting fireworks. You could be fined up to $500 or have to serve up to a year of jail time.

On the other side of the Red River, Grayson, Cooke, Fannin and Lamar counties have all adopted temporary bans on the use of fireworks.

Judge Tim McGraw declared Grayson County a disaster area and issued an order prohibiting the use of any and all fireworks. But it's a similar story to Oklahoma. Fireworks stands in the county are allowed to remain open and the county can't stop folks from buying them.

The ban will be in effect until January 4. The fines are similar to Oklahoma.