Pop the Cork - Sherman Celebrates Wet

12-29-05 - Beer, wine and champagne sales could make the New Year especially bright in Sherman this weekend. Store owners are expecting a good turnout after voters decided to allow alcohol sales in the city this year.

Some retailers say this will be the biggest weekend to date since the sale of beer and wine was legalized in Sherman.

At Sam's Club, they're pulling cases of beer from the back of the store and putting them up front hoping to catch shoppers preparing for the New Year’s festivities.

From champagne to wine and beer, several stores around town that began selling alcohol this fall are anxiously awaiting New Year’s, a traditionally "spirited" holiday.

Those we spoke with say having the ability to sell alcohol positively impacts the economy. At Sam's Club, sales have been averaging about $40,000 a month, but some sales clerks are concerned that because sales in Sherman don't include hard liquor, people looking for one-stop shopping will go elsewhere.

In preparation for this weekend retailers like Sam’s have stocked up on extra merchandise. They say what's been an average week for sales should speed up tomorrow.

Mark Uhrin, Merchandising Manager, says, "I was hoping for more to come, we have seen an increase in beer and wine sales. I think Friday and Saturday are going to be great, great for us. I'm hoping it will pick up tomorrow."

Not just big stores, but convenience stores are also gearing up this weekend. Many say that not champagne, or wine, but beer will bring in the most sales.

Sam's Club says they'll be monitoring but not restricting the amount of alcohol purchases made, making sure customers aren't reselling the goods.