Texas Jurors Get 1st Raise in 52 Years

Texas jurors are finally going to get more money. It's the first increase in more than 50 years in a state known as one of the stingiest when it comes to paying people for jury duty.

The pay will be raised from $6 a day to $40, effective January 1st. The previous rate, which has been in place since 1954, still applies for the first day of service.

Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht, who's spent 17 years on the
high court, says Texas has lagged behind in fair jury fees for a
long, long time.

Critics say some people don't show up for jury duty because of
the financial hardship placed on them for just six dollars per day.

The National Center for State Court says Texas rates near the
bottom nationwide in jury pay.

Juror pay varies greatly from state to state. Massachusetts and
Colorado pay nothing for the first three days, then $50 dollars each
day after that. Other states such as Iowa, Kansas and Maine pay a
flat rate of $10 per day.

Texans will earn the $40 per day on their 2nd day of jury duty.