Water Shortage a Challenge for Firefighters

1-8-06 – Weather conditions continue to encourage the spread of wildfires and dry up a precious resource for firefighters – especially those who fight fires in rural communities with few fire hydrants.

Firefighters say their resources are drying up and some ponds and pools they rely on are also drying up.

In Collinsville, firefighters are running two to three calls each day and sometimes they have to leave a fire scene and drive up to five miles away to fill up on water.

One solution has been offered. Six giant oil storage tanks were recently donated to the precinct three fire community – south of Sadler and west of Southmayd. The tanks hold up to 9000 gallons of water.

Fire chiefs will still have to decide where to place the tanks, but they do agree the tanks will be set up at vulnerable locations in southwest Grayson County.

A tanker truck company in Whitesboro donated the storage tanks. County commissioners hope to have them in place this week.